Dream big baby girl!…

…because Dotty Half Square Triangles baby quilt is not a very inspiring name of any quilt!

Last month, after our guild meeting, I wandered into the shop where we meet.  I did not plan on buying anything, I did not even think ‘I’m going to be good’… I had no fabric envy, no itchy fingers… So when I found these charming charm packs, I did not feel any guilt, just go them because everybody needs dotty fabric in their life…

And now what to do with these little pink cuties? I did not think much and hard about it – it was to be a HST baby quilt.  I love HST, it only requires to trace, sew, cut and repeat.  I through in a Tiffany-ish blue fabric to break the pinkness and here it is.

Big dream baby

But what to do quilting-wise?  I think I’m suffering from a ‘quilting blockage’.  I find it very difficult to go from the ‘finished-top’ stage to the ‘it’s-now-a-quilt’ stage.  I decided on a simplistic approach – straight lines.  Initially, I was going to quilt verticals on the entire top, and then I got bored and started adding diagonals to echo the triangles (and showcase my not-so-accurate sewing).

Big dream baby2

As for the title of this post and quilt, it comes from the turquoise fabric.

Big dream baby1“Dream big. Work hard. Bite off more than you can chew. Enjoy the little things. Don’t believe everything you think.”

Maybe a bit ‘cheesy’ for a baby.  Oh well, the print might have faded by the time this little baby girl can read!

NB. the charm packs are from Michael Miller Modern Basics collection.  I used 2 packs, omitting the houndstooth print squares.


  1. It is lovely and thank you for sharing it at the meeting!


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