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Oh happy days! The British sewing is back on the BBC. May Martin and Patrick Grant are ready to judge garments, encourage the contestants. I would love to be one of them, I would be terrified too - I don't think I'm capable to finish any garment in a set time.

Back too, are my Thursday series : Scandal and How to get away with murder. I might start to loose interest in Scandal, I feel that most of what was to be said has been said, I feel that Olivia's classy outfits are a bit last year. So far, I LOVE How to get away with murder. Viola Davis looks so smart and strong when all dressed up, made up, and so fragile, vulnerable once she removes her power-woman costume.

000 Temp(BTW, have you seen Viola Davis at the Oscars – stunning.)

Back and gone, Silent Witness. I've previously wrote about it. I'm so glad the writers of the series manage to get new angles, it's not only the murders I'm interested in but also the description of the British society. And Nicky is still so stylish. Why can't I be thin, tall and blond...

I've been following a new-to-me French series. French series?!!... I know, so not me... It was broadcasted on BBC4, so I had to give it a go. Engrenages is a murder series, set up in Paris, in a police station. No bling, no pretty filtered images, no tuned down crude scenes and dialogues, no easy success for the team of detectives... I'm on episode 10 (out of 12) and so far they are pretty unsuccessful. BBC4 did not had the series translated, only subtitled which I really like. At first I was put off by the way the characters were speaking but after my visit in France I realised it might be the French way of speaking (I'll have to write a full post about this someday).


Reading wise, I'm currently ready 2 books. Not something I normally do.

The first one is Notes from a small island from Bill Bryson. An American who lived in the UK for a long time, decides to go for a last tour of the country before going back to the States. It is very sweetly written. I really enjoy the description he makes of the country. The language is so spot on, it makes me smile. But it is a slow book, as slow as travelling by foot or using the British rail service, and it is easy to get back into it even after a long period of time.

The second one is The keeper of lost causes from Jussi Adler Olsen. It's a Danish thriller. It is dark, very dark... The main characters are a uninspiring, depressed detective and his unexpected assistant Assad Weird, isn't it?