London Express

I had some kind of surreal week-end.

I went to England for some meetings at Victor’s school.

I left Friday night.  Luckily I had a direct flight from Orlando to Gatwick – not the quietest flight though – the plan was full of kids overexcited after some good time with Mickey and friends (so many stuffed animals were travelling too).  The flight was delayed so I arrived in Gatwick 2 hours late on Saturday morning, no time to get change or get some coffee and I had already missed the first meeting.

Anyway, I managed to see all of Victor’s teachers, Victor following me with cups of coffee in order to keep some brain waves going.

After this we drove to London to have dinner with Alice, then off to bed for a few hours, back to the airport on Sunday morning, another direct flight to Orlando which arrived on time, so I had enough time to drive to Rollins for Juliette’s final concert.

All of this in less than 48 hours!

London Express

As I said – SURREAL – now I’m feeling that my head is full of mushy thoughts, no concentration whatsoever and I have to catch up with some laundry.