Me Made May

I came across the ‘MeMadeMay’ event some years ago and always wanted to join but felt that I did not had enough homemade garments for a whole month.  So this year I decided that although I will not take the pledge I was going to participate one way or the other.

So if you follow me on Instragram, this is what I wore for the first week of May.  It’s a mix of sewed, knitted or beaded things.

Screen Captures

From now on, I’m not sure whether I will post more outfits – apart from a couple of knitted tops, a dress that does not fit properly and a skirt that need to be modified, this is the extend of my MeMade wardrobe.

However, Karen from the Fringe Association made a different pledge : she pledges to make one garment per week for the month of May (btw, go and visit her blog, she is a super talented knitter).  I’m not quite sure I will be able to make one piece of clothing every week, but I kind of like the idea.  So last Thursday, I made one top – Sorbetto from Colette Pattern.  Just google, or search on Pinterest and you will see so many versions of this cute simple top.

SorbettoI used some Pretty Potent voile from Anna-Maria Horner.  The voile is gorgeously soft, I love the vivid colour – I will need more of this…

Now should I point this out or shouldn’t I? I’m pretty crossed with myself for not centring the pattern properly!  Can you see it?..

This week, I’m making a skirt.