It was all about the food

Promise, just one more post on our Japanese trip! :)  And this one is actually more related to what I want this blog to be about: quilting, knitting, cooking and anything crafty…

Juliette and I went to a cooking class with Yoshimi from Tokyo Kitchen.  We prepared tempura, a couple of side dishes, miso soup… and we loved it.  Yoshimi is very nice and bubbly and it was so much fun to cook and chat with her.

Tokyo with Juliette7

Lunch with my good friend in the tiniest restaurant.  People queue very early to have a chance to eat at this place.  There are 4 choices of menu at lunch time, everything is prepared in front of you.  And that was sooo good.Tokyo with Juliette9

We finished our week with another cooking lesson with my friend and her kids.  First of all, it felt very special to share a day at my friend’s home.  I just love how she has organised her home around her kids – desks, books are the main fixtures, no TV, no computer but plenty of games.

Tokyo with Juliette17We spent most of the afternoon making gyoza from scratch, folding them in the shape of half moon (which is quite technical). We made ‘thousands’ of them and it them all :)

So that’s it no more Japanese post, and back to some crafty stuff next time.


  1. Your post is making me hungry!!! With your love of cooking, I am glad to see you had the opportunity to take several cooking classes on your trip. Thanks for sharing.


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