Me Made May in June

I know, May is long gone, and everybody on the blogosphere has done there ‘what I learnt follow up’.  I haven’t, so here it is.

So what did I learn?

  • First, I do not have enough MeMade garments to last a month.  Actually, I don’t have enough garments (MeMade or not) to have a month of outfits without repeats.  I mainly have T-shirts and jeans in my closet.  Morning, you’ll probably seen me in my workout gear, and in the afternoon I will probably have with an apron around me to avoid too much lint on my cloths from cutting fabric and sewing.


  • Secondly, I keep my cloths for ages, years and years.  I knitted the lavender top back in 2009 (bottom left).  The dress (top left) was sewed when we first arrived in Singapore, where I had fallen in love with Batik. The bottom right top was also sewed in Singapore in 2010. And finally, the lace cardi was also knitted back in 2010.  It looks like I had a lot more time when we were in Singapore.
  • Thirdly, do you think I’m a ‘blue’ kind of person?
  • Fourthly, when I like a pattern, I have a tendency to sew it again and again.  Three Sorbettos were made this last May (and there are probably more to come).  The first one, made with voile, is my preferred one.  I’m not too happy how the fabric of the blue one is already fading.  There are tiny lemon on the binding of the yellow one.  Anyway, they are all getting wore a lot – it’s hot here!


  • Finely, not everything I sew is a success.  OK, this is not something I have recently learn.  But what I realised is that if I had spend some time and money on a project, I had to find a way to make the garment works.  I made myself a ‘parachute’ skirt.  The pattern, from Purl Bee, looked lovely, but probably more appropriate for young girls.  On me it looked like a circus tente.  I removed 10” in the front and the back and it looks much better now as long as I wear it with a tight T.  And there was the vintage dress I made for Alice’s graduation last year.  I love the fullness of the skirt, but the top was ill-fitted.  I couldn’t face re-fitting it, so –snip- I cut it and it it now a skirt, a very swirly skirt.  I also made a clown trouser, but you won’t see this one, it went very wrong and I won’t spend any time making it better, there’s no hope, I might save the zipper though.