Tale of the lost mystery quilt

Once upon a time (and I think I should start all my quilting posts like that)…. back, way back in 2010… My friends from my British group started a Mystery Quilt and they kindly sent me the instructions month after month.

I remember shopping for fabrics at Quilts and Friends with my Mum.  I think I picked mainly Japanese made cottons (by now you know how I feel about anything Japanese…).  I always find it difficult to pick fabrics for mystery projects.  The values don’t mean enough for me.  Don’t you find that sometimes a medium value fabric can go either dark or light depending where it is placed?

Well, I worked on it for a while, made some progress, as you can see here.  I finished the top… then nothing… I really really don’t like the process of making the sandwich before quilting, and I get paralysed when it comes to deciding on the quilting pattern.  Oh, and I get so overwhelmed when it come to choosing the right batting, the best backing…  So the top ended up in one of my baskets. Then we moved once, twice and the basket with the top, the wadding and the backing disappeared.  A real mystery, I looked and looked again and again…

Then 3 months ago, we moved again.  As I was starting to unpack my sewing room, there is was – the basket with the mystery quilt, the batting and the backing… waiting for me.

Japanese mistery quilt2

Now to make this story short, my friend Debra (Made of Honor Quilts and on Instagram) offered to quilt it for me. And I am very grateful she did.  She has been super fast to return it to me (faster than me sewing the binding)…  And she did a very nice job. I particularly like the little pebbles on the dark fabric and the leaves running on the border.  There are some large flowers in the centre and some petals echoing the  flowers’ pattern running toward the borders.

Japanese mistery quilt1 Japanese mistery quilt 
Don’t you love a finished quilt?!… and a crafty post for once :)


  1. Hi Caroline - YES I love a finished quilt and this one is Gorgeous! I really like the colour combo. It's so true about the sandwich stage - so many people stumble at that point. That's what's so great about having the frame. Janet.

  2. The quilt is gorgeous! And...using a long arm is wonderful, instead of having to pin the layers together. Hope you're having fun again. It was so nice to see you at SewDay.


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