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Well we are back, have been back for more than a week, back to school too.  I was hoping to re-establish some kind of routine here, but I guess I’m not there yet.  My two oldest are still at home, so the routine can wait!

It’s been some time since I review my Playlist.  I should do this more often, but I feel that I haven’t been too lucky with my book-picking recently (have I already said that before).  So here we are.

First, the good stuff.  I love, love, love a dark police thriller (un Polar in French).  If it’s Swedish, Danish it’s even better.  Remember the Millennium series.  I think I found something in the same line with Jussi Adler Olsen and Department Q.  Department Q is ran by a grumpy sad inspector, he makes me think of Wallender is some ways.  His assistant Assad has a hidden past, speaks little Danish but has pretty good police skills.  And later in the series, they are joined by Rose, a secretary with a double (or more) personality.  Then there are their cases, cold cases and very dark, almost making you lost hope in the human nature.

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Now the bad stuff.  First let me explain, I’ve tried something new, I’ve tried an audio-book.  It felt a bit strange at first, and maybe I shouldn’t put is in my reading list, but it is not a podcast either.  So I checked out Outlander.  Everybody has been talking about this series, so why not.  And if I liked it there was the TV show too.  First point, I found it a bit difficult to follow the narration, then I realised that I could not read while listening an audio-book -  that makes sense, it is not multitasking, it is over tasking.  However, I can knit and listen, I can sew and listen and best of all I can drive and listen without using the same areas of my brain twice.  Second point, call me picky, but the narrative voice got me very annoyed, very fast… “Oh Jaaamiie…”

Still, I like the first book.  The concept of time travel is interesting, the setting in historic Scotland appealed to me.  BUT… I have major problem with the ‘sex scenes’.  I’m not prude at all (I’m French), but I couldn’t stand those parts: the languorous narrative voice, the naff situations… My point being either the scene adds something to the situation and you make it good, or you skip it. all together  Nonetheless, I managed to the end of the third book which is not good at all: Claire the main character, who had managed to travel back to her time period, comes back to the past after a-20-year absence, has learnt nothing about the past, the situations are far-fetched, the story telling very repetitive.   I’m glad I crafted and drove while listening, at least my time was not wasted.  And by the way, the TV show is not better.  I guess the main characters have been casted for their sex appeal (more sex scenes…)

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However, I’m still going to give another try at audio-books, this time I’m trying Stephen Kings’ 11/22/63 (another time travel story).  Wish me luck.

Finally the ‘I-have-mixed-feeling’ stuff.  It is another first for me, self help book – Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  I’ve seen her TED Talk before starting reading this book and I liked her message about vulnerability, being ‘good-enough’, connections, sense of belonging and wholehearted people.  It is more detailed in her book which is entertaining to read, and I can really relate to her message.  And I wonder whether it does defeat the point of self-help book, If at first you agree with the content, do you really get any new ideas from it?  Still it is interesting and if you don’t have time for the book the TED talk gives a lot of information.

I had more luck with my craft books and my cooking books.  I’ll come back to these very soon.


  1. I absolutely loved the Outlander entire series. However, I skipped most all of the "sex" parts. I found them to be too much, too long, too detailed, and too laborious. In a book, a little goes a loooong way. I did not enjoy the TV series, and stopped watching them. I have listened to all the audio books in the series and am waiting for the next. I just wonder if she will ever end the story!


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