The benefits of road-trip holidays

I know, I know when it comes to my kids I am probably not the most objective person  (I’m sure most, if not all, mothers are proud of their kids).  What I want to say is that I am proud of them, not for their achievements (which I am of course), but for their loving personalities and most of all for how they care about each others.

We’ve been ‘stuck’ together, in the same car, in the same hotel rooms for now 2 weeks, and apart for the very rare ‘name-calling’ incidents, they still seem to like each other.

Our Far West road trip10I think our road-trip holidays help us to reconnect and still be a ‘normal’ family even thought we live apart most of the year.  We started going on road trips when Juliette was just 2.  We went to Canada, Italy (twice), Japan, Vietnam, Australia, the States (now for the fourth time).

I might feel a bit nostalgic.  As the kids are growing up, I know it is going to be more and more difficult to have these bits of time just for ourselves.  Soon they will be heading to their adults’ life.  On a side note,  we had an interesting discussion today, they were all imagining their lives, maybe in Japan, or somewhere in Europe, unless it was in Australia or in the States… and it made me smile to remember that my big adventure, with my first job, was to go to Paris, just 3 hours away from my home town…

I just hope that these holidays will have engraved a solid sense belonging to each other and no boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, work obligation, hard-time will take them apart, or not for long anyway.  I hope they will support each other wherever their lives take them.   I hope they will take time to have fun together because it makes the best memories.

Our Far West road trip9 Our Far West road trip12 Our Far West road trip11

And I hope they will remember to take silly family selfies!Our Far West road trip13


  1. Beautifully written Caroline! I've enjoyed watching your adventures on Instagram! What a wonderful tradition your family has. Those memories will always be a special part of their childhood.

  2. So much fun for me to be able to travel via your blog. Thanks for doing such awesome trips.


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