This and that

I challenged myself to blog at least once a week, but that’s easily said than done.  What do you blog about when you have

  • unfinished projects you can’t show
  • finished garment that you are forbidden to share
  • secret project that can’t be shown yet
  • easy and not so easy knitting projects that I am making last because I love knitting them so much

I can entertain you with my day-to-day live like

  • finally tackling the laundry pile,
  • sharing sunset on the way to school
  • cleaning my sewing room once again
  • trying to accomplish something with this needy cat attached to me
  • looking at (not that) old selfies
  • enduring water damage that requires heavy noisy equipment in my corridor and bathroom000 Temp8 And there’s my ever-growing ToDo list, and my WantToDo list, and my HandMadeXmasToDo list…  How do you get organised? I am working very hard and try to stick to ‘one project at a time’ but there’s so much inspiration out there… How good are you at finishing one project before starting the next one?


  1. found something to blog about! You're doing better than I. Hopefully your water damage is all repaired now. Good luck with your to-do lists. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your finished projects soon.

  2. Hi Caroline. You've obviously got a lot going on, like me. I can't get to sleep at night trying to sort out my current projects and potential projects in my mind. But even so we make progress. The pic of the quilt in the middle looks interesting. Have you been long arm quilting? Janet.

    1. Hi Janet, the quilt in the middle is a mini (16x16"), and I did it on my sewing machine. I have a couple of bigger tops that need quilting and will require a long arm, just need to find enough time. Take care, and I might see you when we come in November.

  3. I do well at finishing projects, but not all at once. I like to have a few things going so when one gets a bit too tedious I can have something else to keep me occupied and entertained. English quilter asked if you have been long arm quilting, I think you should come over for a test drive!

    1. I know I should come to you, every week I think the next will be quieter but you know how it goes. Thanks for the offer😊


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