Our (almost) vegan week

Remember, last week I said we’ve been raising activist kids.  So this week I am presenting my Vegan boy.  Yes, your heard it write Victor is gone V E G A N… actually, it is an experiment for a month.  All started with his Environmental Studies Course and a documentary they watch in class:  Cowspiration – The film that environmental organizations don’t want you to see! (such a cheesy subtitle).  It is available on Netflix, has been produced by Leonardo di Caprio.  I haven’t finished watching it (yet), I have mixed feeling about this documentary, there are some very interesting facts but I don’t (really don’t) like the conspiracy tone of it, I found it quite catchy and to my opinion it lessen the impact of the whole thing.  However, if you are interested, you should watch it and probably read this post which summarises quite a lot of what I think.

Anyway, back to my subject, Victor, who used to be the biggest meat-eater of our family, has asked me to cook vegan while he was with us on holiday.  So here it is:

Vegan week From left to right and top to bottom
Carrots and Pumpkin soup, Tofu and Tomato salad with Sesame spinach, Lentils Kale Tomato and Avocado Mexican-ish Salad
Breakfast Fries with Polenta Salad, Tomato and Three-bean salad, Chickpeas Tomato Coriander-Potato chips Soup
Squash Risotto, Pure Vegan – where I got most of my recipe for this week, Broiled Tofu Carrots and Shiitake Mushrooms

Honestly, it hasn’t been too difficult to cook this week vegan.  What I learnt is that rather than trying to replace animal protein with something else, I just had to think our meal totally differently.  Ok, not exactly a revelation, I’ve been practicing for a while with Meat Free Monday.  However going vegan means no egg, no milk, no honey… and NO MILK in my coffee does NOT happen so it made me thinking a bit further.  Is cow milk really really bad compared to almond milk?

I read this article from the New Yorker (I love the New Yorker!)  ‘… the battle between Team Almond Milk and Team Cow Milk is surely the wrong fight. It’s monomania borne of monoculture. Our faith in the power of one ingredient—pomegranates, kale, Greek yogurt, acai—to save us, heal us, give us eternal life, perfectly mirrors our post-war cropping style: single-minded devotion to the One, and pure hatred for the Other.’

Now I can go on a long argument how human beings are the problem in general, how we are so very dam blind that we don’t do anything about anything that is bad for us...  But I suspect that you don’t come and visit my blog for this kind of talk.

Just another thought: ‘Some will argue that the measurement of gallons per pound isn't fair -- we should consider water consumed per gram of protein. In this case, pulses (including beans, lentils, peas, etc.) win out at 5 gallons per gram of protein, followed by eggs at 7.7 gal./gram, milk at 8.2 gal./gram, and chicken at 9 gal./gram. The numbers only go up from there, with beef topping the scale, requiring 29.6 gallons of water per gram of protein.’  This comes from this article from the Huffington post.

So now that Victor is back home, we are getting back to a vegetarian-flexitarian diet, trying our best to be mindful while choosing what to eat, beef hasn’t been a big part of our diet for a long time anyway.

And it is going to be party time, because I received Jamie’s latest book !



  1. I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your photos of food. They look so yummy, even though I don't eat healthy!

    1. Beth, I'm glad you enjoyed it. However I've learned during this experiment that vegan does not necessarily means healthy and you needs to eat an awful lot of beans to get enough protein...


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