Underground inspiration

I spent last week in London and it was so nice: seeing the kids, meeting friends, walking, walking, and walking even more,,, It was not too cold, not too rainy, just nice and autumnally.
I know quilters find inspiration everywhere and anywhere.  I found mine in the underground (subway in American English).  I used to look at tiles for inspirations, but this time I put my ‘modern quilter’ glasses on and I’ve seen some pretty interesting things.  I don’t know how I’m going to exploit these yet, but I promised myself to venture into new grounds next year (which mean once I’m done with the pile of stuff on my sewing table) and I am definitively planning on incorporating what I’ve seen this week into quilt projects.
Thanksgiving in London
 Thanksgiving in London2
Thanksgiving in London1 
The best thing when you can walk in a city, is the ability to be surprised by the urban architecture.  I really like how old and modern are going along together.Thanksgiving in London3
And another surprise, the Man Bun is a real thing in London.   The Top Knot with Undercut (yes, there’s a whole range of Man Buns!) seems to be the favourite style, but don’t despair, if your guy doesn't have the patience of growing on, you can still order him one :o
Thanksgiving in London4


  1. You have such a good photographic eye! Love your ideas.

  2. The man bun...oh my! Inspiring mosaics you've collated. Lots of lines and curves. I especially like the painted face. Look forward to seeing your creations.


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