Garment gratification

I still have a few finishes to show from 2015.  Is it to late to blog about them?

Have you heart of Cashmerette? Or the Curvy Sewing Collective? Jenny is behind both Cashmerette and Curvy Sewing Collective blogs. I didn't know who she was until I listened to the first podcast of Steamwork (from the Colette’s team).  While listening to her discussing her experience, I had been taken by her enthusiasm. I also really like how she embraces her curvy shape and sews garments that work for her and her lifestyle.

I've been very interested by her Sketch book. I want to keep a physical journal of what I make and hope this will help. I ordered my copy at the time Cashmerette launched her first pattern and there might have been a glitch in the fulfilment department and instead of receiving the sketch book, I received the Appleton dress pattern.  (In the end I received the book and was offered to keep the pattern – nice, very nice!)

Appleton dress

I love wrap dress, wrap top - it is normally forgiving (knit + extra layer = perfect hiding place).  I picked a nice jersey from my local fabric shop. Juliette thinks it a bit too plain, but I wanted something safe, no massive flowers on awkward places.  Furthermore, I really liked the weight of the fabric and thought it will drape nicely.

Size wise, I cut a 16 with cup C/D (that's where this pattern is clever, the front of the dress comes with 3 different cups' options).  My measurements put me between 2 sizes, I cut the smallest one. I was counting on the stretch-ability of the fabric or I was too vain and wanted to ignore the tape measurement.   As a result, the dress is a tad snug, and there’s some cleavage on show (well, I’m French, so it’s OK.  By the way, did you know that when asked ‘Do you prefer paintings which depict one person or a group of people, nude, partially clothed, or fully clothed?’ 68% of Americans reply fully clothed against only 27% of French – thanks TED Radio Hour for the info).

Appleton dress1

Construction-wise, it was SUPER easy, no tricks, no head-scratching.  I think I pulled it up in less than 3 hours (after cutting).  I did not even used my serger, the knit I used was that easy to work with.

I’ve posted a review in Pattern Review.  Conclusion, I really really like this pattern and I’m ready to sew the next dress as soon as I found the right fabric.

Now, the fancy T-shirt.  I ‘needed’ a party outfit, but I’m not a party girl.  So the outfit needed to be 1) not expensive, 2) recyclable, something like black pants-fancy top.  A quick visit to Joann’s and I was back with Simplicity 1063 and some sparkly metallic jersey (all in all, with coupon and everything, something like $20).  The construction of the top was quite straight forward, no real difficulty, just follow step by step.  I modified the neck line which was far to high for my liking.

The fabric, however, was challenging, a bit like rubber, making my needle to bounce back and my thread to break.  I’m glad I used my serger for the main construction, and only had to use my machine for the finishes.

Party T

The result is sparkly, floaty and easy to wear, paired with black pants and high heels and it’s party time.