Picky reader but happy podcast listener

OK, I’ve started this post long long ago.  I spent much time trying to explain why I did not like this or that.  Then I had a realisation: Why spending this time on things I don’t like when it could be spent on things I like?
So to be short, unless you don’t mind lame reading, skip Millennium 4 (not worth the paper is printed on).  You might want to avoid La drole de vie de Zelda Zonk and Hanna from Laurence Peyrin, it made me realised that I don’t like romance book especially when it ends well, anyway the characters were not very powerful and I wanted to slap them at each turn of a page.
Now the good stuff: The night manager – it’s a mini-series produced by the BBC based on a John Le Carré book, and it is extremely good: arm trafficking, middle-east setting, beautiful people, very bad people, lots of suspense.  DO NOT miss it, it is coming on AMC in the States.  If you start to watch it, you might want the weeks between each episode to go faster and you will certainly experience withdrawal syndrome at the end.  So much so that I had to start a John Le Carré novel: A most wanted man.
TV wise, we are watching the Americans and still loving it.  I am getting over How to get away with murder, Scandal and Limitless.
Recently, I’ve been all about Podcasts.  In not specific order here are my preferred ones of the moment:
000 Temp14
Modern Sewciety (the Orlando MQG has been feature recently), American Patchwork and Quilting, Serial, On va deguster (in French), Seamwork, Quilt your heart out, Thread Cult, Never Not Knitting, Crafty Planner, While she naps, Sewing out loud, Morning on the dock.
I know that’s a lot… and it does not leave much time for ‘real’ radio or the news (mind you, at the moment, I don’t think I am missing much on the news!)