Before June is over

June is almost over and I wish I had a better grip on it.  It went fast, too fast, with good stuff, horrible stuff, family stuff…
At the beginning of the month, for the first time in 20-something years, I went for a long week-end away on my own.  Five days just for myself, no children, no husband, nothing family related.  I felt a pinch of guilt as I made it to the airport, and forgot about it very quickly.

The main purpose of this escape was to participate to Glampstitchalot 2016 organised by PinkCastle Fabric.  I went a day early and spent it in Detroit.

I have no architectural knowledge and a very superficial historical background on Detroit, however I would definitively say that this city has been built on testosterone and steel.  It’s a show-my-muscles kind of city, or at least what I’ve seen of it.
Detroit on my own2
“Whenever there is a conflict between human rights and property rights, human rights must prevail.” Abraham Lincoln
I love that quote! Can you imagine a world where we live by these words?
Detroit on my own1
Detroit on my own

Detroit on my own4Detroit on my own3

I know that’s only a legend, but I still like the idea of underground railroad quilts

Detroit on my own5

As far as the Glampstitchalot retreat was concerned I LOVED it.  I don’t have much to show.  6 great teachers (all sewlebrities), 6 lessons in 2 days, it was super busy and intense, I learnt some new things, met new people but I won’t make a post out of the experience.  If you search the web, some people have done it better that I can do myself.