Rosari skirts

The Rosari skirt pattern by Pauline Alice has been out for quite some time, and as usual I’m late to the party… When I first saw this skirt, it reminded me of a very similar one I had when I was probably 6 (I should check my pictures album when I go to my parents’).  It was in leather, light blue, with pressure buttons, quite short, and I remember loving it.

This summer, Juliette was looking to buy a skirt very similar to this, in mustard, but Juliette is tiny and no retail skirt fitted her, so I got the pattern, got some mustard corduroy from, some quilting fabric for finishes and off I sewed.

Rosari skirt

I made the Mini version, with Pocket C.  The construction is fairly easy and fast.  I got into a bit of trouble with the pockets, those curves needed attention: at some point there are 4 layers of corduroy to sew together.  The pocket flaps and the waist band are lined with quilting cotton to minimise the bulk.  In addition, I finished all the seams with Hong Kong seam.  If you’re not familiar with Hong Kong seams, it is the process of enclosing the edges of the fabric with bias tape, this way there’s not visible raw edge.  It takes time, but it makes the garment pretty inside-out.

Rosari skirt2Rosari skirt1

The skirt turned out very pretty and goes well with leggy legs!  It got a lot of wear since it’s been off the machine, hence the wrinkles.

When a pattern works well, I tend to re-sew it more than once.  So same version, same pocket, same fabric in different colour and different binding, but still very pretty.  I’m sure it will look lovely on Alice (the leggy legs’ effect).

Rosari skirt3

I have a slight worry with this one, the black velvet keep ‘loosing hair’ and any dust seam attracted to the fabric, leaving marks (see on the back view of the skirt).

Now, I’ll go an make a review of the pattern on Pattern Review.  I might also consider making one for myself, longer, try different pockets and maybe in denim.