A 5 stars celebration!

2 weeks ago, the whole family, children, grand-parents, sisters in law gathered in London to celebrate Alice’s 21st birthday.  It was such a great event. Alice, her best friend and her best friend’s parents organised it all (the perk of living far away, we did not do a thing, just arrived on time to enjoy the party).

Brace yourself for an overload of pictures, but having a professional photographer makes such a difference (I even like pictures of myself :o)

Alice's Party

The party was at the London Rowing Club, which does not look as glamorous under normal circumstances, but add pink lights, fairy lights, gold glasses, black and white table runners and it’s time to party.


Alice's Party3Alice's Party2

Alice's Party4

So just you know, we had a StarStarStarStarStarevening, more fun times the following days as we were staying for Thanksgiving too (our French family, celebrating an American holiday, in England at an Asian restaurant).

BTW, I’ll have to come back to this red dress, because I love everything about it.


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