Sunday Finds [SF6]

Hello Friends!

I am the only one with consistency issues? My goal is to blog at least once between my Sunday Finds, but it didn’t happen, not because I didn’t sew or knit anything, but because I’ve been very busy sewing or knitting. And also because I tend to ‘forget’ to take pictures…

Georgetown University from Key Bridge

Anyway, here what got my attention recently.

These Instagram accounts
Following last Sunday Finds, I’ve digged a bit deeper into Sashiko, which leaded to indigo dye, Japanese ceramic. And then I lost many hours going through those Instagram accounts: Slowstitchstudio; Toa_Aiko posted this video: the fabric is going to the needle; Akai Ceramic Studio; and these hashtags Celadon and Raku.

Thanksgiving ready
Believe it or not, but even after living in the States for 4 years, I never hosted Thanksgiving at home, actually we spent the last 3 Thanksgivings in England (2015, 2014). This year, all the kids are coming home (except for Justin, Alice’s BF) and we are going to make it BIG… Off course, turkey is on the menu (Is a 14-lbs turkey enough for 7?) with Brussel sprouts, potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn bread, pumpkin pie…. I’m getting most of my planning and tips from the New York Times Cook planner. I will be making this potatoes dish: Cheesy Hasselback potatoes gratin and also this pumpkin pie with pecan brittle, because I don’t think I can stomach pumpkin pie AND pecan pie.

That’s it for today! I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving shared with family and friends. And thank you very much for stopping by my virtual space.