Sewing in my Activewear

Have you seen Cashmerette's latest patterns? Active wear. This is exactly what I needed right now. I am never 100% happy with my sports tops: too snug around the chest and I can’t breathe, too short and I fear of exposing my middle part, or too baggy, so I can breath and don’t expose my belly but so unattractive.

Now let me tell you, Jenny is a genius when it come to dress curvy bodies, and her set of sport wear is PERFECT!

First I made the Cedar top. My measurements put me in the size 18 C-D range. I haven’t made any adjustments except for the length of the top (the pattern is designed for a 5’6” person and I am smaller). I did omit the back straps too. The construction is straight forward, with no fuss. The edges are finished with a fold-over elastic which is so easy to set in place.

Next, the yoga pants without gusset in size 18. No adjustment either. It is a very straightforward sew. I love the fact that those yoga pants are high waisted (you know for the wobbly parts!). Next time, I will probably go one size smaller and lower the waist band just a bit to account for the fact that I am short or not tall enough.

Look at this fit, I can jump without exposing anything.

I sewed everything on my domestic machine with a ballpoint needle and the special elastic stitch. If I can avoid setting the serger out I am happy. I know I should love my serger more, but I found it noisy, creating a lot of lint and I really don’t like cleaning it. I have top stitched all my seams, catching the seam allowance on the inside. It gives the outfit a very clean finish.

Now fabric-wise, I bought those 2 pieces at Mood Fabrics with swimsuit in mind. I think it works well for the top. However, I wish I had some a more supportive fabric for the bottom, some scuba maybe.

Am I going to sew this again? Hell YES!
Will I change anything ? I won’t change anything with the top. I really like how it hugs my chest area without squeezing it. I like the length too. Now, as mentioned I will probably make some minor adjustments to the pants: lower the waistline, and probably taper the legs slightly for a more slim fit around the knees, or I shall try and sew the leggings and make them shorter. I also need to get more knit and make the Dolman top which is part of the top pattern.

And because this made me laugh when I read Cashmerette’s blog post, here is a very funny video about active wear!


  1. That’s a pretty color! I like such colors a lot and it suits you really well. Can you tell me if they have good and comfortable sports bra as well? I badly need one. I had a bad experience with the one I bought last time. I need a good and supportive one so that it doesn’t affect the shape of my body


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