Sometimes I like a simple easy project, other times I want some challenge, a project that will take some brain space, a project that will teach me new things. When it comes to knitting I know that a Jared Flood’s knit will fulfil my craving.

After some research and browsing the Brooklyn Tweed catalogue, I selected Svenson (I had a massive crush for Hugo too). I am making it for Philippe. How comes that within the 25 years we’ve been together, I never ever knitted anything for him, not even a scarf?

I was planning on knitting it with Arbor yarn from Brooklyn Tweed, but my LYS, Four Purls did not have enough skeins for the project. So I picked some Sueno by Hikoo.

The colour is not easy to capture, it is a kind of blue jean/Indigo, not a solid colour. Here are my swatches. Yes, I did swatch and my gauge is good. So I’ve started, 3inches of ribbing though!

Actually, the pattern is not complicated: the different stitches are easy to remember, worked over 2, 4 or 12 rows. So far so good! I am going to take my time and savour every stitches.