Sedona and Flagstaff


Finally in Phoenix after 10 exhausting hours in the plane.The heat hit us straight away at 37 degrees Celsius at 6 pm! The mountains around the airport amazed us all - they were very layered and covered with cactus. But what surprised my mum the most was the colour of the mountains, a kind of rusty red. The hotel had a very Western movie look and a swimming pool with a cactus fountain. We enjoyed a peaceful breakfast early in the morning, at the coolest time of day.I was really surprised at how warm it was even so early. We went to an old town called Jerome which used to be a mining site. It became an attraction when it was transformed in a ghost town.We saw humming birds drinking near the souvenir shop.It's amazing how fast their wings can flap! Next we when to Oak Creek, a deep valley of approximately 100 feet/ 30 metres. The weather doesn't change suddenly just in England - we arrived at the supermarket sweating from the heat and came back to the car ankle deep in warm rain (the hot ground warmed the water immediately but definitely didn't leave my shoes dry!). We were planning on eating a picnic in the forest but seeing as the torrential rain didn't look like as if it was stopping any time soon we ate in the car. We now have the absolute proof that Americans have far too big portions as we ate 1 kg of vegetables and only got through one quarter of the dip! Today we went to see the Grand Canyon. It was absolutely amazing.The photos won't look as good as in real life but it still is amazing. We went up the Watch Tower to admire the view of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. Tomorrow we are heading to Monument Valley for the Indian town.Some pictures of are trip so far are below.