Gloomy Sunday

What do you do on a gloomy Sunday:

  1. wake up late
  2. have a prolonged break fast with newspaper
  3. wait until the coffee is cold then warmed and wait again
  4. get cracking on preparing the weekly meals
  5. late lunch
  6. extended with a late latte, once again wait until it is cold before you drink
  7. more cooking for the week (family of 6 including the au pair, no free evening for preparing hence organisation...)
  8. cut DH's hair - do not really like doing it, but it is cheap and fast
  9. bake the bread that was waiting in the airing cupboard since yesterday night
  10. don't want to do anything
  11. browse through my favorite blogs and then found this post from Polka Dot Cottage

and it saved my day; I looked around the dining room (where most of our live is spent) and I decided that gloominess should not overwhelm my world.  So I tackled the mess in the room.

Here are the proofs