F . I . N . I . S . H . E . D

Yes, it is done, finished, a last.

Fast rewind: in April 2008, I led a workshop for my friends. It was a scrappy quilt, probably my preferred type. Victor came with me and was in charge of distributing the pre-cut squares. Why? because, my friends are experienced quilters and have a extremely good sense of colour and harmony, but in this case, the objective was to use all the scraps... I have been known in the group for having them sew "ugly quilts". Very often during my workshops, you can see them trying to exchange fabrics: "No, no, no, I cannot put those 2 squares together!"... Like on this one:

Ugly Quilt from Studio Quilters

So with Victor in charge, no cheating.

Everybody had been very productive, and by the end of the day we had this very nice quilt. It took me some more time to add the borders, and send it to the 'quilting line'.

Victor's Quilt from Studio Quilters

Anyway, I had such a good time that I started a similar (but smaller) quilt for myself. The piecing was fast, but I struggled with the quilting part... I do not know why, I love hand-quilting. It went on and on and I never finished it and forgot about it all together. Until Tuesday, when I went to meet a new group here in Singapore. What to bring for this first visit, a bit of hand work seemed appropriate: the hands are busy and the monotonous up and down move of the needle gives enough freedom to discuss and make new acquaintances.

Two hours later, much progress had been done and almost nothing was left to quilt.
This morning, I decided to tackle it and finish it, and here it is. That was not so difficult (apart perhaps the hand-quilting part without air-con!).