Here Kitty, Kitty

What a shame, I have missed The Pioneer Woman’s assignment. Cats, I could have send almost all my Flickr photostream.

I chose a couple of my preferred pictures of my cats.

Nouga10 (pronounce Noo-ga-teen); she was our first cat, so quiet, so above everything, looking at us as if we were her guests. Looking after Alice, spying people in the street…

And now Lao Shi (the Teacher in Mandarin).

We got her from a rescue centre in Singapore. When she arrived with us, she was underweight, her ears looks huge on her tiny triangular head. She is playful, needs a lot of cuddles, stroking. She will welcome me in the morning by jumping from the floor straight to my shoulder (not always painless, especially if I just get out of the shower). She is a serious purer, and have an identity problem – sometimes playing like a dog, sometimes jumping from one plant tree to the other like a flying squirrel.