Non crafted related post – or is it?

You know how mums can be, or at least how I can be when it comes to my kids success…

This post is about my babies, my grown-up babies. So when I say that it is non crafted related, I am not sure. I, kind of, made this 3 kids… brought them to live and try to pass them our values, try to encourage them to challenge themselves, to be proud of their achievements, not to be to arch on themselves, to be kind with others and respect other’s feelings… and all of this, sounds like craftsmanship: lots of patience and love, tries and errors, joy and amazement…

So what I am speaking about? I am speaking about swimming : for months now, they went to swimming training, but did not seem to enjoy it as much as when we were in England. We had many grumpy Saturday mornings, any excuse on the book for not going training was given a try. But yesterday and the day before, they attended their first competition since we arrived in Singapore. And they did great: first they enjoyed themselves, really enjoyed themselves (probably the rush of adrenaline, the tingle in their feet and stomach), and secondly they won almost all their races (only one 2nd and 4th position).

We came back home with Gold in our pockets and joy in our hearts.

This is how Juliette kept the pressure away. She is reading, yes, she is. Lesson learnt, everything comes eventually.


  1. YOUHOUH!!!!! Félicitations à nos champions. Moi j'adore les voir nager, on dirait de vrai poissons, tellement l'eau glisse sur eux.


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