Un petit tour en France

Did you know it? I am French, but not quite sure I 'feel' French anymore. Actually, some people may tell you that I feel against being French, some other people I've known for a while did not even know what my strange accent was. I do not know where this come from, nothing bad has been done to me in France.

OK, ok, I tend to think that French are grumpy, argumentative, always against everything, always on strike, unwelcoming etc... I can go on and on. But honestly, there are things I like in France. When I lived in England, I missed going at least once a week to the market, getting my fresh fruits and veg, chatting with the grocery man, comparing the products, waiting my turn at the cheese stall, buying my crusty baguette to go with the cheese. And Yes, French are serious about their food; no woman (or man) will freak out to the prospect of cooking a meal from scratch, peeling veg for a comforting homemade soup, or bake with the kids on a Wednesday afternoon (no school on Wednesday afternoons in France!) ... And what about wine? Sorry on this subject, I could not comment, I hardly drink a sip... but everything considered, I will not say know to a glass of Jurançon (sweet, white wine from the Pyrenées, South West of France) with some foie gras. In addition, I do miss Elle, Marie-Claire Idées and Quiltmania

But if there is something that makes me very uneasy when I go back to France, it is the French women, mums... They are PERFECT! I mean it PERFECT: slim and always nicely made up, classy dressed with an edge, with at least 2-3 polite, polished kids (or 4!)... On the top of being perfect mums, they also work full time, read newspapers and magazines on a regular basis, have time for dates with their husband, organised family holiday like nobody... I have friends like that, and I feel both admiration and depressed when I meet them. What's wrong with me? I am nothing like that... and I feel envy.

Recently, I discovered the French blogosphere, and let me know, you will now understand what I mean about French ladies. Here are some of them, I've started following their blog... and the envy pang is here in my stomach. Understand better about "classy with an edge", "polished kids"... Sorry they are in French, but you will surely enjoy the pictures.

Hope you enjoy the visits.


  1. bon d'accord tu ne bosses pas, en même temps entre les cours de Pilates et ton job de taxi.... pas sûr que ce ne soit pas du full-time... et puis c'est vrai que tu as l'habitude de t'habiller n'importe comment, que tes enfants sont malpolis et désagréables, les vacances , c'est vrai qu'elles sont dans des lieux tout à fait communs. J'avoue ne pas savoir combien tu lis de journaux et autres mais bon tu as toujours un bon livre sous la main. Bref, effectivement tu ne ressembles en rien à ces femmes françaises...


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