“This e-mail has been sent from my blackberry…

…and has not been spell checked”.

Have you ever received a message like that? I always find that a bit ‘insulting’, ‘irritating’ that somebody would send me an e-mail without checking it, and I always make a point at e-mailing, posting in the best English I can master (more than once asking Alice to proof read for me). Wonder where is this going?

Some weeks ago, I have shown pictures of some works in progress.

A few visitors later, I received a comment from MP, and it was then I realised I wish I had a ‘quilt-spell-check tool’. Bon ApPetit and not Bon Apetit! I’ll copy that 100 times. One of the table mat was already quilted, so I came with the following solution. “Bon Ap!…”, very French way of shortening it (and sorry no picture of this one). The next one was no spelt properly either, and I got lazy – did not want to unpick my work and start over again.

Then I remember that some time ago I bought a RED Sharpy for Alice so she could go around and correct spelling mistakes or grammatical errors she spotted. You will be amazed by the number of c…s up one can find on packaging, official notice boards, communications of all sort. I do not know whether this is universal, but in France, teachers will take a red pen, underline the error and write the correction above, so this is what I have done with Juliette’s table top.

The last mat was much better!