Is it Xmas yet?


One of the issues of living in a country where it is always summer is that you lose track of time. By respect for my friends and family back home where I know the gloomy weather has started, I will not tell you how much I miss autumn and winter, but...

Here in S'pore, time that passes is rhythmed by the banners that hang in the streets: June is cultural month, August is national day (and people keep the flag at their windows for months), September is F1 race and the cortège of roads closure, October we have the dance festival etc... Oh and I have forgotten to mention the religious festivals; the lantern festival is just around the corner with night processions and moon cakes.IMGP8904IMGP8903

All of this bring me to Xmas. Soon the Orchard road will be ornamented with lights, balls, father Xmas... So it is about time that I start knitting and sewing for the occasion. I could set myself the challenge of hand-making everything but not sure I will be able to do it before running out of time.

Here is my wish-i-could-make-it list:

  • Kitchen apron
  • Set of dishcloth (6 in a set)
  • Commandant Cousteau's hat
  • Shawl
  • Scarf
  • Pin cushions
  • Market bags

Lady Gaia’s Vintage coat and hat are finished, and soon be on their way to Melbourne.