Special post for a special friend

Do you have friend(s) that you do not see enough, do not speak to for long periods of time and still when you meet again, it feels like you take the conversation where you left it, as if it was yesterday?

I do have a friend like this. I met Francesca a bit more than 13 years ago. Her daughter and my son were born a couple of weeks apart. We’ve always seen each other sporadically, even when we were both living near London.


Francesca is Italian and a very talented cook. She is a beautiful painter too, talented home decorator and she is always so elegant (even in jeans and wellies). She is very demonstrative, when she loves something, she loves it out loud. I wish she started a blog or something about her cooking. I wish she would share her recipes with me. I wish I could enjoy her table more often.

In the meantime here are a list of blogs where I find my cooking inspiration:

  • Florence’s blog
  • A la table de L - tous dans ma cuisine: an invitation I’d love to take.
  • Cooking on Clover lane: I keep looking at this one, one day when my life goes back to normal (meaning, when I have to clean, wash, iron and cook all by myself) I’m sure it will be full of fast family dishes.
  • Donna Hay: Aussie web to go with the stylish Aussie magazine. I buy this one regularly, even if I know that after a while the recipes are going to repeat themselves. I love the page layout, the pictures. One day, my life will look like that.
  • Pioneer Woman’s blog: quite intimidating. Ree does it all: home school her kids, cook, blog, photography, life at the ranch, TV shows and much more… This is where the recipe for those nice chocolate and pecan nuts brioches came from.



They could have looked better, but my oven is nuts and does not understand the concept of set temperatures! Waiting for the engineer to come and fix it (might as well until it snows in S’pore; those who live here will understand – never trust S’porians to be on time, they might come a couple of hours early or a couple of DAYS late!)

Anyway, goodbye from me, I now have to go and bake some carrots and pecan muffins for my monsters.