Should I start all my post by ‘Yes, I finished it!’? It seems that I am quite good at starting new projects, but have more difficulties finishing them.

During Christmas holiday, I start knitting a little, fast kimono for MP’s Bb #2. Her little baby boy will be borned in April/May, the beginning of winter, in Australia. He will need something to keep warm, but easy to put in, with 2 little ones, MP won’t have time to fiddle with not-always-easy-to-fit-through-the-neck tops.

The pattern is from Joji Locatelli and can be found on Ravelry. I had to adapt so it worked with my yarn; I am not the best when it comes to check the gauge. So off course I had a false start, frogged it and started again. I modify the neckband, using a grey bias rather than knitting it. And for good measure, I knitted a little hat to go with it (no pattern here, just knitted and improvised).






After such a successful finish, my fingers were ready to start a new something… but I’ve decided against it, this year must be a year of FINISHES, so I dug out my ‘Orange Ripple’ which was started almost 2 years ago. I am working on it right now, determined not to start another knitting project until this one is done. The colour gives me energy and the yarn dry still nice to knit.