Where’s time gone?

It seems that the past three weeks have been so busy, and I have not been able to do much (Do I always say this?).  It looks like April will be another miss for the UFO challenge.  I guess I’ll have to get used to the idea that not all UFOs are meant to be FOs.

Busy with the kids around on holiday, busy with my friend visiting me, busy with life in general… No time for sewing does not mean no time for knitting.  Actually, knitting is more portable: a few stitches at the pool, another few stitches in the car, and again while doing homework…

I now have 3 projects on the go:

  1. The orange ripple: this is an almost 2-year UFO.  And it seems that it will stay that way for a couple more weeks!  Only have the front left to knit, but I received an order from Lady Gaia’s mum.

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  2. Lady February for Lady Gaia.  That’s the order: a neutral, goes-with-everything cardi.  I loved knitting the Lady February for J. a few years ago.  It is a top to bottom knit with raglan sleeves and can easily be adapted to any size.  I am knitting it in grey.  I know, not very baby-ish, but not all babies have to be in pink.  And I am sure that with some girly details, it will make it interesting.

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  3. Shaelyn.  I’ve seen this shawl on Ravelry for a while now.  I guess it is like the Lady February, you can not be a member of Ravelry without knitting one of these.  I am sure I can always find use for a shawl in S’pore!


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