Memory lane

As a kid I spent so many holidays at my grand-parents, either with my mother’s parents or my father’s.  One of my grandmothers used to have a grocery, and I remember helping her around.  She also used to have her dresses made, and with the excess of fabric, she had dresses made for me too.  Not sure whether it was dresses, or just the one, but I remember a very pretty one: in heavy red jersey, with dark blue details.  I need to find a picture of it, I am pretty sure I wore it for a school picture when I was in primary school!

On my father’s side, my grandmother was a hairdresser.  She ran the salon on her own and while on holiday there, I would help by cutting small pieces of paper for the ‘indefrisables’ (perms), unrolling the ‘bigoudis’ (rolls).  The old ladies(yes, in a small village, her clients were almost uniquely old ladies) loved me and my gentle hands.  But when there were no customers, I would crochet ‘granny squares’.  They were probably not called granny squares at this time.  My grandmother taught me how to crochet them, and we would use any yarn, no matter the texture, thickness or colour.  I am not sure whether it took us just a summer holiday or more to finish all the squares, but I remember the old ladies complimenting my grand-mother for my skills and my quietness; I remember the blanket we made out of all the squares and the over-used armchair it covered.

So I wonder why I have not succumbed to the Granny Squares’ frenzy yet!… This time it will be Hexagons frenzy: I found theses very easy instructions here: one loop short.  I’ve done 4 so far, so quick and it is going to be a great way of using all my left-overs.


Plenty of granny squares on this blog too: Lady Colori.

NB. just spoken to my mum, the Granny blanket had been sold at a car boot sale years ago, and it was huge.


  1. Ca fait bizarre de me rendre compte que tu as connu mamie travaillant. Moi je n'ai que des souvenirs de Désertines...
    Je crois que çà m'aurait plu des vacances comme çà. Quoique les miennes m'ont beaucoup plu aussi...

    Bouh ... ma mamie elle ne m'a jamais cousu de vêtements....

    Ah au fait tes granny squares sont la base d'une robe pour petite fille sur la blogosphère frenchy... J'dis çà, j'dis rien :-))))


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