My 5-minute/5 S$ design wall

It seems that you cannot call yourself a quilter without a proper design wall!  So I NEEDED one.

I did a quick research.  The first one I found was well above S$200 for a bit more than a square meter, with frame.  I was not ready to pay that much.  The second one, a Clover, was S$70.   I did not even check the measurements, I was still not ready to pay that much either.

So here is my recipe for a quick/cheap/small design wall that fit perfectly above my sewing table:

  • a piece of polystyrene foam,
  • a piece of flannel just a bit bigger than the foam
  • some staplers
  • a couple of paper clips
  • some inspiration from there: Oh Fransson!

Design wall


IMGP0702            IMGP0703



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