The right tools and a geeky book

Until recently, I’ve been saying that I’ll sew/knit/embroider with any tool.  No need for fancy knitting needles or any sewing needles worked for any job.  And then gradually I moved from standard knitting needle to bamboo and now KnitPicks… it’s a bit like going from street brand shoes to Prada.  I love these needles: strong and soft, elegant.

The other day, my friend gave me a couple of Clover Embroidery 8 needles.  What a discovery, sharp and precise.  Embroidery get suddenly so much easier.

Geeky book1

Look how small an regular my stitches are (sorry, showing off!).  This project have been given to my by Tricia: she made the table runner, I’m finishing the embroidered insertions.

Geeky book

Now to the geeky book.  Again, I am learning that with the right tool what you are doing get even more enjoyable.  I recently bought this book: Thread work unraveled, by Sarah Ann Smith.  Geeky right.  But great, so much info on threads, tension, getting the best out of your machine, needles.  This is how far I read it, and I am getting so much out of it.

Geeky book2

BTW, how do you spell ‘unraveled’, one or two L?

BTW2, I can’t wait for A. to go to her photography class, so she can take better pictures :-)