What did I say about not starting any new project?!… Somebody will have to tell me, teach me.

I have a good excuse though.  I need something to wear when A. and I go to the UK next week.  And I bought this Batik long ago with the intention to sew something for myself.  So it is not exactly a new project, isn’t it?

The pattern is from Vogue.  I only sew the skirt, did some piping between the waist and the skirt.  I’m very pleased with the result.  A bit of hand work, and it will be finished for our trip.

Back to my ToDo list, I am progressing:


  1. Finish Maud’s cardi  - this is done, I ran out of yarn so I had to settle for 3/4 sleeves.  It now needs blocking, for some reason my knitting goes side-way (pictures will follow with a before and after which should hopefully look better)

  2. Finish MP’s cardi – started sleeve 1, actually knitted 2 rows on sleeve 1 (sorry MP, promise this is now my priority).

  3. Finish my orange top – has not been touched.


  1. Finish the cups’ panel – one last cup to embroidered.
  2. Finish the Xmas panel with the little mice – Yes, the embroidery is finished, and I have started placing the little mice on the panel.


  1. Finish quilting J’s quilt – unpicked my previous attempt, not fun, then quilted a different pattern (much better).  I should be able to finish the binding and show you some pictures very soon. 
  2. Finish and quilt Schnibble #2 – haven’t located this little quilt!