You know what I miss the most in S’pore?  I really, really miss the change of seasons.  I miss the crispy cold of Winter (some will say the dark humid days).  I miss the wake up of nature in Spring (other will say the endless rainy days).  I miss the coolness at the end of a hot Summer day (I hear you saying what hot Summer day?).  I miss the warm colours and the smell of Autumn (who’s thinking gloominess?).

Until we moved, I did not realised how the seasons rhythm our lives.  I remember our first year here, my mind and body were still on ‘holiday’ mode in December.  Here it is simple, it is either ‘sunny and hot’ or ‘rainy and hot’, every day, all year long…

Daphne shawlette4

When Alice and I were in England a few of weeks ago, I just wanted to stay there and enjoy the changes, the smells, the colours.  I wanted to feel chilly in the morning, to wrap in a woolly cardi.  I realise it was the end of Indian Summer, and soon the days are going to shorten, rain and cold are going to take over.  But I really crave for Autumn colours.

Daphne shawlette3

Pattern: Daphne by Lien Ngo

Yarn:  Fyberspate Scrumptious 4 ply bought at Darn it and Stitch in Oxford

Love metre: lots and lots of love Red heart Red heart Red heart Red heart, will probably knit this again.


Actually, I like it so much, I think I’ll keep it for myself.