Blabbing and stuff

I have not been posting much recently, it seems that my days are filled with so much ‘stuff’.  The kids are off to school by 7:30, and I expected to have more time to blog but I keep asking myself whether my ‘blabbings’ really interest anybody out there.  Oh well! I guess I am not blogging for fame, but to keep a record of my life .

So you know not to expect any amazing tips, life coaching, professional-like pictures.  It is just me showing some stuff and blabbing away.

Maud outfit

The cardi was started way back in July.  The yarn is from Sublime.  I worked it like the Lady February cardi, top-down.  What I like about the hole pattern is its elasticity: squeeze the fabric in your hand and it just bounces back.  It’s light but I think will keep a certain little lady (not my Juliette) warm this Autumn.

Maud outfit1

This skirt is made of Japanese linen.  It is relatively heavy but still have some flowiness (is that a word?).  The pattern is ‘mine’, and maybe one day, if I find time, I will share it with you.

My love meter for the outfit: very very high Red heart Red heart Red heart Red heart Red heart


  1. Moi j'aime mire ce que tu mets. Tu es certaine d'avoir au moins une lectrice.
    Et la jupe et le cardigan sont super jolis.


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