The simple pleasures of house chores


  • If you live a ‘normal’ life (working, educating, taxi driving the children, cooking, ironing, dusting, mopping…), then you should close this page and not read further.
  • If you are my husband, you might want to save this and use it to your advantage once our life is back to ‘normal’.

The rest of the population (probably 3 to 4 persons) will understand.  I am privileged enough to have a live-in helper, a nice lady that cooks for us when I don’t ‘have time’, that does most of the housekeeping and ironing.  However, this makes me feel inadequate as a mother/wife/’home maker’.  Where does my time go?  Am I losing my soul leisuring around?  How many knitted scarves or quilted blankets one must make before it is too much (especially if you live in a perpetual summer)?  What example do I set to my children, to my girls?

scrapbooking paper7

But on Monday, armed with my broom, my brush, hot water, vinegar, I dusted, I scrubbed, I cleaned and I felt very satisfied.  Life was almost normal, the children were revising, helping each other, and I felt I had accomplished something.

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