Another week is gone

It’s Sunday again… Time goes too fast when there’s no seasons to beat the rhythm of year.

This week-end, it’s only the kids and myself.  Philippe is in China.  Another week-end with our usual routine:

  • rugby game on Friday (I would happily post a link to the video, but I doubt anybody is really interested in watching the whole 55 min),
  • revisions with more exams to come next week,
  • packing Juliette’s bag who is going on a school trip,
  • a bit of hand sewing (not happy with my owls’ feet),
  • reading (I cannot put this book down, and I need to set the alarm so I can go to sleep at a reasonable hour),
  • baking (blueberry muffins where I replaced the blueberries with strawberries and bananas – I had nothing else at home, which means grocery shopping for Monday),
  • movie – The Avengers: some ridiculous costumes, but some funny dialogues.

Ordinary Sunday - 13 May (1280x1138)

and of course


Have a nice week!


  1. Oh, j'avais pas remarqué la première fois, mais ma petite louloute est partie avec ma trousse. :-) Des petits riens qui ensoleillent la journée.


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