Cotton and cream

Alice wanted a cream cotton jumper , something like the one she’s seen on Stradivarius website.
Stradivarius is not distributed in the UK…
and anyway, I’ve seen the jumper and was not impressed by the quality of the product…
and anyway, I had some cream cotton in my stash…
and anyway, it always gives me great pleasure to knit for my kids.
I used my stash: Fiorista (88% cotton, 12% polyester) from Gedifra.  The jumper is knitted in round, top-down, I’ve added some short rows to make the back slightly longer.  I did not take any notes and tried to figure out the shape as I was progressing.
Cream cotton for Alice
The pattern is a simple yo/k2t.
Cream cotton for Alice1
So this is a loose adaptation of the Stradivarius top, but Alice seems quite pleased with the result which is very important.


  1. I love that Caroline. The sweater is beautiful, as is your daughter. You are so talented.


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