Filling up the ‘in-between’

A FB friend of mine share this article on Expat Wife life:’Not just gin and tonic…’ by Erica Knecht.  It is so close to what I have been experiencing over the last 20 years.  Something she does not mentioned is the ‘in-between’, the weeks of ‘homeless-ness’ while your container crosses oceans with the ‘stuff’ which will make the next place a home for the family.

After 11 moves, amongst them 8 across a border or another, I think I’m quite prepared for the up and down of shaping a new life (although this one might be tougher, Alice and Victor are staying in the UK).  Still I always feel unsettled by the period when everything is on hold.  The house in the UK has been emptied, we are carrying 8-week worth of clothing in our suitcases (there’s going to be a lot of wearing the same thing again and again).  I am almost done tying up loose ends here and yet I can’t start a new knit in the US…

Well, well, well, the best way to fill up this ‘in-between’ is to keep busy.  And we’ve done just that last week while at my parents’.

Ski nautique

Victor – first to go


Alice – confidently crossing waves

Ski nautique1

Juliette – starting from the water for the first time

We were lucky to fill one afternoon with water skiing with friends of my parents.  We all had a good refreshing time… I wish I had the pictures of the kids’ first experience on ski.

Ski nautique2