On new journeys

This post was planned for last week as we were leaving Italy, and it got stuck in my computer...  I did not find or take the time to publish it, but it is still relevant today.

Here are the last snap shots of our Italian holiday.

Rome day 12


Rome day 13

Still in Capri – Grotta Azzurra (and it is really that blue)

Rome day 11

Dinner by the sea in Sorrento

We had a really good time, the perfect balance between free times and visiting the area.

It is now finished and it is time for us all to start new journeys: Alice to Spain for work and the rest of us to Orlando.

But it is not only about the ‘physical’ journey, it is about new turns in our lives.  For the first time ever, we will live in different countries: Alice and Victor in the UK, Juliette and us in the States.

I knew the time will come to let my teenagers start flapping their wings. It is time to trust we have done a good enough job and even though they will still need us, they will be able to make reasonable decisions, they will be able to choose friends that will listen to them, inspire them... I also hope that they have knitted tight relationships amongst them and that it will make them strong.

Here is one of my preferred picture of them.


My Dear kids, remember that you are smart, you are beautiful and you are loved...  (loosely quoting The Help),

and you have each other.