Furniture is over rated

I normally like to share positive events, but at the moment I have to try extra hard.  We are still living in a very empty house, our container is somewhere in an American port, but no delivery date has been given yet.

I was hoping to give you a tour of our newly furnished home… Here what it looks like at the moment!

Our family room - crafting room – lounge - homework station


Our bedroom -  a bed, a chair, what more do we need!


Our formal dining room, and our future office – where we push minimalism to its extreme.

08 August1

On the positive side, housekeeping is fast and easy.

Crafting wise. it is very closed to zero: done a bit of knitting, a bit of red work… but please, bring me my machines, I have such a nice craft room.

On the cooking side, it’s a bit better: Nectarine roulades for breakfast, Rhubarb and banana pie, Summer salad with mango, nectarine, raspberry dressing and prawns.

08 August

This post has been brought to you from my own personal home-office (^_-)



  1. You have a really..."Zen Style " home!!! I like it....above all your home cute!!!


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