Nous vivons une époque moderne

… we’re living a modern era or did I land in a parallel world.

Here’s what I mean – and, I would recommend NOT to read or watch this if you are of a sensitive nature, you’ve been warned.

Thanks to a friend who share this on her FB page.

I looked up the product on line and incredible, but this is a real product!  What to think? The ad is funny, that’s for sure… but I’m thinking that’s another thing to make us consume, more waste, pollution… hum, I guess I don’t know how to phrase my point of view…

And now to this one

Honestly, more stuff to consume, to through away, to pollute…

There must be other way.  Isn’t it interesting that the ‘hygiene’ angle is used to make us buy these?  Honestly, I’ve lived all my life with none of these products, and I don’t think I’m gross or smelly or disgusting… I remember avoiding baby wipes for my kids': think about the chemicals, think about the extra waste, think about the artificial perfume… No thank you!

Voilà that’s me ranting and discovering my new world (^ _ -)