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Wool on Sunday – I’ve decided to join this Link Up

Go and see Janine’s blog Rainbow Hare Quilts and the other links :–)
It’s been a long time since I have blogged about any crafty activity.
First, there’s this little project I’m so excited to start, but I can not speak about it yet, and I can’t start until I have finish my other WIPs.  Still I can show you the yarns I’m going to use.
I love the colour combo.  It’s my first order ever from Knit Picks, and finding this small box on my door step made me very happy.
Something else that make me happy is working with pretty tools.  I got myself a pair of sock blockers, I would have preferred a wooden set but I’m sure they will be useful.  I also indulged in this set of ebony double points needles. The wood is very soft and feels strong in the hand.  They come in this little bag, 6 of them, shorter than the ones I normally used.  I’m working with 5, the length is perfect for these socks. 
The pattern is from Socks from the toes up  It is going fast.  I want to finish this first one soon and block it; I’m working with already knitted yarn and I hope that blocking will help with the texture.


  1. Your wool looks lovely and colourful and your needles are fab and your socks pattern is gorgeous.

  2. I love the colours of your new yarns and your sock is lovely. I'm also quite envious of those needles - they look so luxurious! Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)


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