The irony of ironing

First of all, let’s be clear, I do not like ironing.  It is boring, comes back all the time and there’s nothing creative about it…

But sometimes, for no reason, as I am folding T-shirts, Jeans, pressing shirts, my heart skip a beat, something makes it swells. I feel something special for this T-shirt Juliette has worn for so many years, this pair of jeans that we have bought together, her uniform skirt that is so stiff…

scrapbooking paper21

And I remember our Friday evenings, when the kids where all at home, I would iron and they would sort the socks while watching Dr Who.

I know that sooner that I want, I won’t have old Ts, ran down pair of jeans to launder. The three of them will be busy with their life, and I will only have a couple of non-matching lonely socks to remember our Friday evenings.

So once in a while when the nostalgia takes me, I press extra love in their clothes and I enjoy the task.