All I need is love :-)

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LOVE is all I need…
Just in case you don’t follow my page on Facebook and Instragram… you might have missed a few of my pictures… OK, not that you really missed anything special… I’m just a normal person… taking pictures of my kids, of my cooking, on my crafting adventures and anything else that catch my eyes… and Yes, I also take Selfies, that’s the teenager in me pressing the button.
From top left to right bottom
Alice driving my Mini (see the concentration on her face),
the Crane Family crossing the road in my neighborhood,
15-minute ‘me-made’ pearl and crystal earrings,
Food truck eating or ‘Truck fooding around’ in perfect S’porean,
Family hug (don’t be fooled by the funny faces),
Saturday cooking (and NO, I’m not feeding a Rugby team, only Victor),
Bach Festival Youth Choir singing at Winter Park Art Festival (Juliette in red in the center),
a WIP (now upgraded to Finished Object – more on this later),
a turtle (tortoise? ) crossing my path, I pushed her/him off the road…
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  1. Hey Caroline, just wanted to say hi! I didn't realize you were also a blogger. Do you mind if I add your blog to our OrlandoMQG sidebar? I think other members would like to have a convenient link to your blog. Thanks!


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