May’n events

OMG, mid-May already!  School year is almost done here in the States.  I always wondered why American bloggers were so worked up about end of school year.  What was all the fuss about?  And now I understand, we crammed so many things in a week.

It all started last Saturday at 9:30 with Juliette's ballet assistant duties.  Then at 1pm she had ballet rehearsal followed by Bach Festival Youth Choir Spring Concert.  We spent Saturday driving her around Orlando.

BFYC spring concert
Sunday was a bit better.  Juliette had to attend an event starting at 8:45 (P. did the drop off, I can't be asked to be up that early on a Sunday morning). Then he picked me up, we went to Eatonville where I wanted to take some pictures for my Photography class' assignment.

Assigment 2
Then back to Juliette, then to the restaurant for Mother's Day lunch (I now have 3 Mother’s days:  in March in the UK, mid May in the States and end of May in France).  And a final stop for more pictures taking then back home and rest…

Monday, I had a Batik workshop. Well, that was... frustrating, very frustrating at first : thinking backward, trying to anticipate colour combinations... So out of my comfort zone... but I was surprisingly pleased by the end result.

Batik workshop1

Batik workshopI love my peacock feather

Wednesday - Photography class plus more ballet rehearsals.

Thursday - grade 8th celebration ceremony.  My 'little' girl got an award in Composition (sorry, I can never stop bragging about my kids). I've got no picture of the event; so what is the point of taking Photography classes? I wonder!

And it was Saturday again, I was booked for talk with Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict.  This lady has so much energy and passion for what she does.  If you don't know her, you've got to watch her show, it is so inspirational.  After the talk, there was a visit of some old restored homes in Winter Park.  So so nice! I wish they were my home, and it made me think that I need to do something with what I’ve got.

Nicole Curtis' talk
The grand finale of our week was Juliette’s ballet recital with the OBS.  I was so impressed by my girl, of course, but also by the whole thing.  Everything was so professionally done and just beautiful, and graceful and talentful…

05- OBS recital

The ‘cerise sur le gateau’, or in other word the cherry on the cake is that Alice is here with us, very tired but there.  And I HAVE her for a full 5 weeks.

My beautiful girls – missing Victor though


  1. Oh Caroline...I love your batik work! Also the photograph of the old house window.
    Juliette is beautiful, and I know you will enjoy having her with you. Thanks for sharing with us.


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