Brooklyn Tweed

I need some Super Powers, right now!  Something that either will make me sew/knit/clean/cook super duper fast, or something that will stop time until I’m done with all my projects.

…and why do I need super powers?

Brooklyn Tweed – that’s the reason!

 BT Kids.

This time, it is all about kids… beautiful, trendy… I love the earthy colours… I just need a couple of kids to knit for :-).  Oh but I know somebody who lives on the other side of the planet, where winter is about to start.  I just have to cross my fingers and hope that MP will have time, read this post and make her selection.  I’m sure MP’s Bbs, who are no babies any longer, need something warm to run on the beach.

Anyway, here is my selection:

btk1   btk2   btk3   btk4   btk5   btk6   btk7

So let me activate my Super Powers, finish Alice’s cardi and start scouting yarns.


  1. ok. Are your super power ready ??? Cause I had time to read and choose.... Arlo or Magnus for Gaïa. And Magnus or Wyatt for Ewenn. I love the blue for the Wyatt. And i you fell you don't have time let's just to them for next year....


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