Heat in my kitchen

I will post more about our holiday, but since I’ve been cooking quite a bit this week (see my Instagram), I’ve decided to share a few recipes.


Some of these recipes come from ideas in Pinterest. I did not always have had success with my Pins, but you can trust these one, yummy!… even if Victor complains about the lack of meat.

From left to right, top to left.

  1. Snap pea, watermelon and edamame salad:  sweet watermelon in my salad, I was not quite sure at first, but it turns out so good
  2. Tomato tart Tatin:  I loved the idea, the result was good, but the tomatoes kept a lot of water, and I got a ‘soggy bottom’ which is very wrong according to the Great British Bake off’s standards (Oh I would love and dread to be part of this programme)
  3. Vietnamese style chicken:  this is a tried and trusted recipe.  It comes from Donna Hay The Instant Cook book.  We all love it, it is fast and simple to make and there’s several options to adapt it.
  4. Beet, Plum and Ricotta salad: another sweet and salted recipe, from Martha Stewarts’ summer edition this time. Lovely, lovely salad. I am a great fan of beetroots with cheese and this combination works so well.
  5. Cornmeal berry sheet cake: one thing I miss most in Florida is the change of seasons (I know there are seasons here but nothing like in the North).  Anyway, soon it’s autumn and berry season and this cake seems like the perfect bake. The recipe is out of Martha Stewarts’ magazine, just follow the link.
  6. Bulgur Mozzarella with Roasted yellow beans and Avocado: no yellow beans in my version, so I replaced them by green beans. Another

I’m so happy to have visitors, I love to cook for people.  It just boosts my happiness level… full bellies and smiling faces.


  1. tu devrais essayer la tartin tatin aux champignons.... Pas mal.... non plus.


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